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What are the benefits of Breast Reduction?

  • Improved body shape
  • Removal of self-consciousness
  • Elimination of back and neck pain
  • The results are permanent
  • Weight loss

What are the considerations?

Smoking reduces oxygen in the blood which can result in wounds healing more slowly. The procedure is moderately painful. This can be relieved via the use of analgesics. There will be a circular scar around the areola and an anchor-shaped or inverted T-shaped scar directly below this. While these fade significantly in the months following the operation, they don't completely disappear

There is a chance the nipple may need to be removed from the breast during the procedure, resulting in a permanent loss of sensation Adverse reactions to anaesthesia occur very occasionally. Although highly unlikely if antibiotics are taken as prescribed, there remains a small chance of infection. In this event, the implant will have to be removed and it can not be replaced until the infection has disappeared completely and the scar formation process has ended. This typically takes about four months.

There can be no guarantee of perfect symmetry. Keloids or hypertrophic scars develop in a very small number of cases Nipples can become either more or less sensitive following surgery. This is almost always temporary While it is extremely rare, there is a very small chance of cardiopulmonary arrest if a blood clot forms and reaches the lungs

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